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Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET) Publications had its origins as an Industrial training
centre established in 1988. We were also the pioneers in the field of Educational Publishing, coming
out with a SSLC New Rank File in 1988. It was highly recommended by students and teachers alike
and opened up a new era of educational publishing in Kerala.
We have come a long way from manual typesetting to offset printing and from a solitary Rank File to a full range of books from High School to Professional Courses. However our dedication to spread
knowledge and our aim to excel in educational publishing has stood the test of time.
Our authors are distinguished academicians who and are often the last word in their area of
expertise. The books are lucidly written, elegantly produced and reasonably priced. Our books have
also been recommended by the H.S.E Director and DPI, Government of Kerala. We have a well oiled
distribution network which covers all nooks and corners of Kerala. However we consider the true
measure of our success as the hundreds of students we have helped to achieve high ranks in various
competitive examinations.

The Director of IET Publications, Mr Babu.G.Baby is a visionary who introduced the concept of Rank
Files in Kerala. He is ably supported by his son, Anton Babu who did his M.B.A from Xavier Institute
of Management, Bhubaneswar.

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